Professional sound systems, suitable for all your events.
We are a leading company in the installation of quality sound systems for events with many years of experience in providing technical services for conventions, live events, meetings, conferences and live video conferences. Just the right amplification system for the particular type of project can be chosen from our range of different types of equipment.
We can meet all your needs, organising sound systems from the simplest types to evolved line array sound systems, for the coverage of locations of all sizes indoors or outdoors such as squares, theatres, concert halls, churches, etc.
Our personnel inspect the locations so that the system needed to amplify the event properly can be dimensioned and the sound can be projected in a proportioned and uniform way. The company has digital and analogue mixers, microphone kits and professional radio-microphones capable of amplifying voices and instruments.
We also rent out traditional sound systems, Arrays, Line Arrays and horn systems.



Lighting systems to create sets that are always unique.
We install small and large lighting systems, stage lighting and lighting effects that are elegant and functional for all types of event. The company has professional staff members who are able to design lighting systems with great professionalism giving excellent results to enhance your events.
We supply lights for fashion parades, architectural lighting, LED lights for live shows or projection of company logos. All the apparatus is installed by our qualified technical personnel who also provide assistance during the event.
We are licensed to issue a Declaration of Conformity DM37/08 and declarations of correct installation, personnel safety and for all the apparatus used in the installations.



We provide the best video service for all types of events.
One of our hallmarks is the ability to follow an event through all its phases, from conception to installation. Together with the client we choose an idea, which might be classic or innovative, we develop it and make it feasible and a guaranteed success.
For this purpose we rent out the most advanced video technology, projection screens and projectors, indoor and outdoor LED screens and Videowalls and we provide our technical assistance to make your events unforgettable.